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444 Wilson St.
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VISA and MASTERCARD now accepted.

Acceptance of these cards allow for quicker shipment of materials. There is no additional charge for ordering with Visa or MasterCard. We reserve the right to specify form of payment acceptable on a per order basis.

C.O.D. shipments are still being made, but credit is preferred for our soon to be long term customers.

Request for Credit

Request Credit Approval :
Domestic Credit Application Form
Foreign Credit Application Form
Print the form, fill out and Fax to (765)945-8294

Our Account specialist will contact you for other sensitive materials that will be needed to complete the application process. These include:

Normal bank information
Tax Exemption certificate & Federal tax ID number

Ex-Im Bank for International Sales

High Performance Alloys, Inc. uses the Ex-Im Bank to guarantee the exporting of goods. The ex-im bank is an independent U.S. Government agency established to help domestic U.S. exporters by providing “open credit term” insurance and other forms of credit enhancements against commercial and political risk in certain countries. Most companies in countries that are on friendly terms with the U.S. are eligible to use this service.

Foreign Credit Application Form ( PDF )

Benefits of using ex-im bank programs include:
bullet It often costs less to finance an import transaction under an Ex-Im Bank program credit than to obtain financing in your own country. If you can get a loan for under 1% for a 60 day loan, only then it would be cheaper than to pay by wire transfer in advance.
bullet You may be able to take advantage of longer loan repayment terms than under traditional repayment structures. Purchases of value greater than $15,000 can be purchased with longer payment terms with special terms available.
bullet You may be able to purchase more U.S.-made goods and services under an Ex-Im Bank financing arrangement, than what would be available under traditional repayment structures.

Because of the use of a U.S. Agency, High Performance Alloys, Inc. has received negative feedback by our customers. They have an apprehension against using a service of the U.S. Government. The only concern should be to those customers that are not able to pay or have no intention to pay. Those able and willing to pay should not be concerned about the policy.

Here is the procedure used for High Performance Alloys, Inc. to collect on an overdue account.

1. If after 60 days late the customer does not pay, H.P.A. will refuse further shipments to that customer. H.P.A. must then remove that customer from it’s open terms status.

2. After 90 days overdue, High Performance Alloys, Inc. can turn over the account for reimbursement. This only can happen if H.P.A. has tried repeatedly to collect on the overdue amount.

3. After 3 months waiting for the action of the Ex-Im Bank; High Performance Alloys Inc. would receive payment of only 95% of the invoice amount.

4. At that point Ex-Im Bank will continue to collect on the account. H.P.A. has not heard about negative comments related to the collection efforts of this agency. A search of the World Wide Web hasn’t brought any issues to our attention.

As you can see, it is not in our interest to turn over the account for collection until we face tough opposition in collection efforts.

1. We lose 5% in the deal if we turn it over to the Ex-Im Bank

2. High Performance Alloys, Inc. must then wait as long as 6 months to 9 months to receive money after the shipment of material.

Because High Performance Alloys, Inc. uses the Ex-Im Bank[1] to issue credit to foreign customers, a company credit check is performed. All aspects of credit history are reviewed. Any unfavorable issues will need an explanation to get open credit approval. Review the issues below and let HPA know what items may be revealed and what the explanation(s) is/are.

"Negative Issues" include, but are not limited to the following:

Credit History

· Negative (unresolved) prior credit experience by Ex-Im Bank

· Past dues/slow payments (60 days or more past terms.)

· Highly derogatory credit history, credit information

Legal Information

· Buyer & owners have clean histories.

· No protested bills.

· No multiple suits, liens, or outstanding judgments.

Financial Information

· Poor financial condition (extremely poor liquidity, high debt, insolvency) of buyer or parent

· Unexplained financial statement accounts and significant discrepancies (unreliable) in the financial information

· Published news reports indicate significant financial difficulties facing the obligor or its industry

Country Conditions

· Significant deterioration in the socio-economic conditions of the country.

· Ineligible transaction structure or products

[1] Export-Import Bank of the United States. The official export credit agency of the US Government.


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